Our guesthouse consists of the following:

Main bedroom

Main BedroomThe main bedroom has a quen size bed and built in cupboards. Each side has iets own bed table and there will always be enough linen and blankets should you visit us during winter.

The main bedroom features an en suite bathroom which consists of a bath with a shower over it and toilet.



KitchenThe kitchen is fully equipped with a stove and microwave and all facilities to make coffee. A mini fridge will keep everything cold that you wish to bring along. All cutlery is there from bottle opener to braai tongs!


Living Room

Living RoomThe living room features 4 seats should you get a visitor or two and is equipped with a 54cm television and DSTv is included. The entrance is to the back of this picture and from there you can follow the steps to the right and go down to the river which is always available to visitors.


Entertainment Area

Entertainment AreaIf you are interested in getting out or sitting close to the river our entetainment area is also available to guests. It features a small kitchen and the entire side facing the river has windows and a cool breeze always comes through. You can sit there, make some food and have coffee or drinks. A sliding door allows access down to the river bank. Ultimate tranquility!

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Main Bedroom

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